Spearhead - Decrowning The Irenarch

Spearhead (UK) was formed in 2003 and released their debut album in 2006 called "Deathless Steel Command". After a Promo in 2006 the band went to the Hertz Studio (Poland) to record their second full length. A few months later the album was released with 11 tracks and blasting a way with a combination of death, thrash and black metal. With a good production the half of the work is done and so the songs have to make the other half.

The drums take the leading role and there is no withdraw of brutality. The double bass is more than present together with thrashy rhythms, very dynamic. Vocals are raw but not the gutteral style growls as it wouldn't fit their songs. Guitars are intense and structed riffing with very nice leads. Tempo is most of the time but they do mid breaks to gasp for air and rebuilt the tension. Even some epic bombastic pieces can be heard. After more than half a hour you are tired by this assault and notice that this is one great album released at the end of 2007. Really worth checking out.

1. Prolegomenon
2. Decrowning The Irenarch
3. When The Pillars Fall
4. Road To Austerlitz
5. Interregnum
6. Julianus Augustus Apostata
7. In The Face Of The Absolute
8. Thus Always To Tyrants
9. Mors Triumphalis
10. Brotherhood Of Arms
11. Aftermath

Invictus Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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