Spectral Darkwave - Last First Contact

Formed in a trans-continental pact between twin brothers Steve and Dan Kennedy in 2012, the symphonic death metal of London based Spectral Darkwave captures epic fragments of horror from across time, space and the multiverse. Fusing the limitless possibilities outlined in early computer music, European and doom metal, the band’s grinding rhythms and twisted melodies deliver a crushing reminder of the depravities carried out in the name of human progress!

A Distant Dawn
Exploring the keyboard with mind blowing keys and supersonic sounds the track weaves its certain magic with braying guitars and acute beats.

Retake Mars!
The second track simply explodes into life with ravenous rhythms and blatant riffs that converge with an overwhelming prowess! Not to mention grating and guttural vocals that blend impeccably well together. The ears take a good ole battering as the effervescent brawling continues its journey.

The Occident
The symphonic surround sound envelops the soul as this darkness explodes into some serious and tumultuous rhythmic swaggers. The keys are riotous but controlled to give out a malevolent vibe of jarring quantity. The edge must be given to the growling vocals that are boisterous at best and then a choir of voices surge into a melting fury.

Under Ebon Lash
The harsh winds blow bringing to life this ambient and creepy master-piece that spews out a hardening and quickening pace offering in turn an acidic causticity that is unrelentingly powerful. It bruises with intent and yet gives out a melodious core that protrudes fiercely.

My Hand The Gavel
The urgent feel malevolently rises slowly and with a stalking sense that feels it is ‘out to get you’ blatantly, a predatory track that ambles in atmospheric doom.

“Spectral Darkwave are the ‘whole package’ so to speak. They can be spewing out hostile emotion one minute and then offer warmer melodies that are vibrant and thrilling!”

At Midnight... Alchemy
A short track that bristles with brusque chords and sharp piercing riffs. Quite subdued, very involved and musically superb!

Compound Vengeance
Taking the pace up a notch the heavy beats and caustic riffs fire with wild intent. The ambient notes are deep and profound throwing you into a pit of blackness! The harsh melodic core is damming and compelling, with super low toned growls and harsh bass hooks make it a very pleasing track to get your lugholes around. Tempting further on in the track it changes direction and shows heaps of diversity, while never losing its focus.

I Am Shadow
An intriguing opening for this one and then it literally bounces with a bruising rhythm that is enthralling and lively to say the very least. Again the vocals are low toned and savage but compromised with soft harmonies that lift the track to newer heights while holding a brilliant catchiness!

Mors Technica
This track explores yet more diversity as it surges with a mix of emotion and devilish melodic twists that open up like gaping wounds. Tempered with a harsh rich rhythm that simply overwhelms with ferocity and is extremely heartfelt. The vocals bellow with raw provocation while the keys expand the angst and aggression perfectly with a superb ending.

To Feast On Milk And Oil
This track hones in on a more classical edge that is steeped in brooding capability while in stalking mode. The doom elements are over powering and raw and once again the harmonious flavours appear but the track never loses sight of its heaviness.

There are indeed raucous times ahead, well at least for the good people of London! Spectral Darkwave don’t lack vitality even in the doomiest parts of their well-crafted tracks.
The ambient heights are reached and satisfaction gained as they weave their black magic into a torrent of passionate notes and riffs that are aggression filled although, at times very subtle.
Spectral Darkwave are the ‘whole package’ so to speak. They can be spewing out hostile emotion one minute and then offer warmer melodies that are vibrant and thrilling the next.
I can well imagine this band to be an excellent ‘live’ act that no doubt will be embraced by death/doom metal heads everywhere.

Definitely worth a listen or six!

  1. A Distant Dawn
  2. Retake Mars!
  3. The Occident
  4. Under Ebon Lash
  5. My Hand The Gavel
  6. At Midnight... Alchemy
  7. Compound Vengeance
  8. I Am Shadow
  9. Mors Technica
  10. To Feast On Milk And Oil

Occidental Records
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Apr 9, 2015

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