Spectral - Evil Iron Kingdom

These Germans were founded in 1995 by vocalist Teutonlord and drummer Destructor. Both are still in the band and the other members have illuster names like Vidar (vocals), Aggressor (guitar), Exkrementor (bass) and Gabbelz (keybords).

In 1999 their first album as released under the title "Teutonic Symphony". After this release the band continued their viking black thrash metal and in 2009 they release their fifth full length "Evil Iron Kingdom". Although this their fifth release it is their second one for CCP Records.

"Evil Iron Kingdom" contains 10 tracks and contains everything you want from a viking blackĀ  thrash metal band. Raw and brute vocals, tempo changes, double bass drums, guitar leads and sing along chorus lines. Just straight forward but with variation. On one hand they ram like Odin on a stampede ride and little time later you find yourself in a mid paced bridge part or the keyboard outro on "Embrace The Darkness". Also an upcoming clubhit "Raise Your Fist" which starts with a bass intro and after some verses it comes at the chorus where everybody, I mean everybody will sing "raise your fist, raise your first, raise your first".

With "Evil Iron Kingdom" Spectral releases an album that is not spectacular but it keeps you occupite and the songs will do well in a club and you have to make up your mind if you will be at the bar or in front with your fist high.

1. Intro (Spectralism)
2. Evil Iron Kingdom
3. United Forces
4. Die In Battle
5. Embrace The Darkness
6. Pagan Steel
7. Age Of Eternal Victory
8. Axecutioner
9. Ira Inflammatus
10. Raise Your Fist

CCP Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 30, 2009

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