Speedrush – Endless War

Greek Thrashers Speedrush present their debut full length. "Endless War" is a fun, energetic record which follows all the traditions of the classic 80’s template.

You have the mix of fast, frantic playing which has the chaotic ferocity of Kreator or Destruction and the energy and mosh friendly fun of early Exodus along with chanted backing vocals etc. While 'Age Of Abyss' is a bit more paced and has a bit of "Kill Em All" era Metallica to it. 'Freaks Of Nature' is catchy as hell and lots of fun. 'Passive Aggression' has a great little acoustic piece with beautiful bluesy solo before exploding back into life.

At just over half an hour long it’s a worthwhile listen and an enjoyable record with a real comic book feel to it with a Phil La Vere artwork which has a 2000AD look but brings to mind also the classic covers from the golden age of thrash.

All the tracks are well thought out and brilliantly executed. It’s nothing you haven’t heard before but you can feel it’s full of passion and is testament to the heavy metal spirit.

  1. Endless War
  2. Speedrush
  3. Malevolent Torture
  4. Into The Abyss
  5. Freaks Of Nature
  6. The Truth (Intro)
  7. Passive Aggression
  8. Reprisal Steel
  9. Plague Storm