Speedtrap - Powerdose

Finland’s Speedtrap released a great EP a while back (‘Raw Deal’). Since then it’s been relatively quiet in terms of releases since a further split release in 2012. Their hotly anticipated appearance at the first Live Evil Festival in London was legendary for me personally. This band are fast, make no mistake about it and their speed and heavy metal combination produces sounds that requires you to be strapped down hard to a chair otherwise you will be blown away by the musical force that these gents produce.

This is their debut full length release, it brandishes slightly more complex song arrangements but this is a real treat to hear and a few of the guitar licks include some very bluesy string bends, kind of like some Motorhead, they match the band in the speed stakes for sure. Take a listen to ‘Out if Time, Out of Line’, from the moment the drums start beating and the bluesy riffs start coming, you enter the realm of real power playing, real energetic music and thankfully this endures Speedtrap as an all-rounder, not merely a one dimensional effort linked by speed alone. Speedtrap have much more to offer. However, I must admit, that thirst for speed is really fucking good, I mean beginning a release with such a racer as ‘Redemption of Might’ is a brave move. Brave you may question? But if you start a release with sometime of top quality, you really expect the following tracks to do the same right, well, no worries here.

Endure the ‘Battle Cry’ and take your mind back to a different period of musical history and then rejoice when the pace changes once again for the likes of ‘Reckless Endagerment’ and the closer ‘No Sympathy’. This has to be one of the most uplifting releases of recent times to reach my ears, maybe it’s not as hip or as cool as it is supposed to be, hence it will be criticised by a generation of followers, but I for one can thoroughly recommend that you buy it.

  1. Redemption Of Might
  2. Take Their Lives
  3. Ready To Strike
  4. Out Of Time, Out Of Line
  5. Powerdose
  6. Battle Cry
  7. Reckless Endagerment
  8. No Sympathy