SpermBloodShit - Polar Torsion Syndrome

Now what the fuck did you expect when you saw this fucking name…? pop rock maybe? Ha ha! Fist-fucking, emetic goregrind is what these fucked-up Italians splatter to our faces, in a pretty effective way actually! The music has all the characteristics of the goregrind genre: crazy drumming with endless blast-beating parts, heavy-destorted guitars and the very well-known, slaughtered-pig-like vocals! However the thing is that SpermBloodShit is much more than a typical goregrind band: the deranged guy who keeps yelling (not screaming) every time the growls disappear and some really cool punk rock-ish parts, gives the band an extra feeling of paranoia and an in-your-face attitude! If you add to all these a sense of rotten humor (non-understandable samples in Italian language, plus song-titles like: “I wanna fuck Cristina Scabbia”, “Barbra Streisand” or “Alcohol, Woman & Anal Cunt”, prove it!), then you get a pretty good picture of what this band is all about! Of course the Italians don’t give a shit about the simplicity of their music or their “filthy” sound…I don’t think they even give a fuck about you or me…they just puke on us all and they have fun! No fucking technical shit here, no fucking pussies! Only sperm, blood, shit… and vomit I might add! He he!

1. Intro
2. Dismembered Virgin Limbs
3. Rotten Bloody Head Full Of Shit
4. Bite My Cock
5. Vaginal Stapler
6. Naked Freak Show (cover Abscess)
7. Nasty Ejaculation
8. Drosophila Melanogaster
9. Barbra Streisand
10. Polar Torsion Syndrome
11. I Wanna Fuck Cristina Scabbia
12. Bloody Pit Of Horror (cover Impetigo)
13. Stop Ai Maschi
14. Alcohol, Women & Anal Cunt
15. The Pulsating Feast (cover Regurgitate)
16. I Hate Pandas
17. Don't Open The Bathroom's Door... It Reeks A Lot
Coyote Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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