SpermBloodShit - The Tourette's Syndrome

With a band name like Spermbloodshit I was expecting something completely over the top and ridiculous. They are definitely over the top but don't bullshit around when it comes to music. Hailing from Italy this marks their second full length. With 15 tracks that come in around 37 minutes, this album shows the bands variety of influences while creating an extremely unique sound that isn't created by some ridiculous gimmick.

The first thing one heards besides the ridiculous opening sample are the vocals used by this band. The vocals are probably my favorite part as they range from a raspy death growl to shouted vocals that remind me a lot of Peter Steele in Carnivore. The shouted vocals are really what makes this band truly different as it adds a thrash aspect into the mix.  They sound extremely frantic and frenzied as if coming from a mad man. The low growls leave something to be desired as they don't have a certain strength to them. There are the occasional pitch shifted vocals but it's used in good taste. The song titles and lyrics show the light hearted side of the band.

Even more interesting then the vocals is the music and the songwriting. This band seems to be influenced by a variety of things, from early death metal, thrash metal, as well as some more extreme grindcore genres. However it isn't some hodge podge free for all riff fest. Not every song showcases each of those aspects but overall one can hear the influences. Songs like Womenburger and It's Rainging Sperm include some awesome tremolo riffage that would be perfect in a Suffocation or Morbid Angel song. But then there are songs like Stupid Werewolf where we have a groovy polka intro that would fit an Agathocles song with pitch shifted vocals that are similar to goregrind bands. However one can tell this band really enjoys the more thrashy side of grindcore with the heavy use of a thrash beat like on Frenzied Surgeon and Seth Putnam's Death is Gay. It establishes their roots in the early grindcore scene since so many bands over use blast beats. This band finds an almost perfect symmetry with their riffs . And with great transitions and the variety of vocal stylings, nothing seems awkward or disjointed. It feels extremely natural. The one thing I don't care too much for are the samples. It seems this band is really fond of South Park as there are FOUR South Park samples in here. The Chronical Diarrhoea cover is perfect and really fits in with the other songs as opposed to some filler song.

The production of this album sounds flawless. Everything is crystal clear but still has a gritty edge. The drums sound great and the drumming is greater. The blast beats comes out clearly and doesn't turn everything into a noisy mess. The simple 1-2 thrash beats sound crisp. The drumming is simplistic which with this kind of music fits really nicely. The guitars don't really sound too much like they would fit in your typical grindcore band but that may be due to the fact that this sounds nicer then most grindcore bands. I get a more thash/crossover vibe to the guitars but they make it work. The bass fails to create much of a low end sound. It blends very well with the guitar and definitely adds to the sound. Wish it was a bit more on it's own since there are few times were the bass is playing by itself or with the drums.

Overall a really interesting album. This is what grindcore should be! You have the thrash metal, a dash of punk as well as the obvious grindcore sound. They remind me of Cripple Bastards with their songwriting and vocal approach. Can't wait to hear more from these guys.

1. The Tourette's Syndrome
2. Womenburger
3. Eau De Sperm
4. Haemorrhage
5. Cirque Du Soleil
6. Seth Putnam's Death Is Gay
7. Frenzied Surgeon
8. Stupid Werewolf
9. Shit World (cover Chronical Diarrhoea)
10. It's Raining Sperm
11. Cheesing
12. Gianni Morandi (The Italian Coprophagist)
13. Donkey Sex
14. Polynesian Cannibal Holocaust
15. You've Got Two Testicles (Full Of Sperm) In Your Throat