Spetalsk - Spetalsk

Brutal blackness forged in the fires of Sweden! Spekalsk playing cold blackmetal at lightening speed.  Heavy thrashy guitars, icy vocals, insane drums. Black Metal played with oldschool passion and groove, matched with todays fury and technicality. SPETALSK will appeal to all fans of extreme music, and will most certianly appeal to fans of Mayhem, Behemoth, and Council Of The Fallen.

1. Behold Him
2. Verlegt Nach Hadamar
3. No More Life
4. Bringers Of Thousand Storms
5. Enslaved For All Existence
6. The Glare Of His Scythe
7. There The Ashes Stand

Unexploded Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009
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