Spheron - Ecstasy Of God

After I listened to the album of the group from Germany, I had quite superficial impression that it is an extension of the line of such American Brutal Technical Death Metal groups as later albums Deeds of Flesh, and Decrepit Birth, and (even!) Suffocation. I thought I heard anything else but could not determine what it was. I also have been feeling a little overdrive and chaos...  as if the musicians were in a hurry during mix down the album. I thought it would be better postpone it listening for some time to get back to Ecstasy Of God with a clear head.

Later I listened to the album again. My attention noted that there are also present the elements of Black Metal, and the more I listened, the more surprised to realize elements that seemed to me, something similar to the things heard sometime. However, since we are talking about music, let us talk about creativity of this group. Especially because was not detected explicit straight borrowing, even after by careful inspection.

In connection with this thought comes to mind that this is crazy geniuses who have purposed to something global in the musical aspect - (a legacy of Bach makes itself felt). However, actually, if you look on from outside, this music not sounds like the idea of "wrapped up" genius. On the contrary, it being heard in harmony. It performs well the role that assigned to music - namely, to create a mood, to draw the images and so on… but maybe sometimes it proposes charades! Therefore, I will also evaluate the music in terms of music, not on the number of played notes.

So finally, after listening to the album, what can I say just about music, not going deep into some styles. This is quite aggressive Death Metal, while, as already mentioned, the musical language varies from just aggressive Death Metal (in the literal sense of the word) to the ballad guitar inserts on the pure sound. Despite the fact that the music is very difficult in itself (by construction, as well as technically), it is impossible not pay tribute to the musicians: it does not create the impression of something bulky, this album is perceived quite easy.

Thus, in my opinion, this is the real and quality Metal, good musicians.

  1. A Means To An End
  2. The Beheaded Coachman
  3. Prestige Of The Mortals
  4. Saturnian Satellites
  5. Clasp The Thorns
  6. Prelude To The Misery
  7. Five Degrees
  8. Pulse Of Instinct
  9. Tragedy Of The Clerics
  10. Choking On Incense
  11. Anthropogenic
  12. From Glint To Crackling

Reviewer: Vjedma
Oct 11, 2013
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