Spheron - To Dissect Paper

Sephron are an unsigned brutal technical death metal band hailing from Germany and "To  Dissect Paper" is their new 5 track E.P. I have to admit the title is silly but contrary to that the cover is one of the coolest i have seen a while but thats irrelevant when it comes to the music. I must say Sephron have their shit down in creating an interesting blend of technical death metal. I hear bands like Necrophagist, Nile and Behemoth here in the mix and of course i hear huge Morbid Angel influence and i gotta add that for a E.P. the production is superb. All instrumentation sounds great. The playing on offer is executed with the utmost precision. There is solos here too but i find they compliment the songs as opposed to over indugent ones which is a pet hate of mine. The solos seem very tinged with ethnical origins i.e. eastern ala Nile. In this e.p. your are met with 4 technical assults on the senses and closed with a rather nice acoustic almost spanish guitar piece. The calm before the storm??? Do pick this cd up for i feel pretty soon big things are going to happen for these German Deathsters!

1. Life Recidive
2. Witness
3. Tombstone Mirror
4. Transcendent Killing
5. Settling Grain Of Time

Self released
Reviewer: Connor
Sep 22, 2010

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