Spider Kickers - Alcoholic

Forming way back in 1986, their first recorded output, apart from demo’s starting in 1993, was 1997. Three full length albums behind them and these Greek thrashers are back with their forth full length, simply put, ‘Alcoholics’. With a title like that, one would assume that they will be another Tankard of Gama Bomb clone, well in fact their style, especially on ‘Are You Dead’ is more akin to the fast pace and rasp of Destruction and Sodom thereby being far flung from a bay area styling, even though the aggressive side of thrash is quite well received across the pond. In fact, this is a better release than a certain EU bands most recent output, guess which one!

‘Prohibition’ is as fast as an acceptance of a free offer of a drink in a British Pub, whilst ‘What is Hell’ has one of those classic slow intros that you know is going to bring up the carnage when it all kicks in, and thankfully, Spider Kickers do not disappoint. Thundering into action, the groove and breakdown thrash style comes to a welcomed reception around these parts. Their arrangements are typical of German Thrash, but, you know what, they have that sound nailed down and why bother trying to be anything different. Differences come with that little bit of melody in the guitar solos, taking me to Paradox territory, but the main basis takes me the Schmier and Tom Angelripper territory. ‘Alcoholidays’ gives rise too classic arrangements, twin guitar harmonies in certain places and a general air of experience, as you would expect from a band whom have been going since 1986. Whilst not stuck in the past, they take a classic thrash style and give life to it with a blasting production and mix, and of course no thrash album would be complete without great horrific album cover detail.

Spider Kickers have gone up the ladder in my estimation and ‘Alcoholic’ is a cool release, you should expect homage the classic German thrash, but also expect the unexpected and a little humour along the way.

  1. Death Makes No Exceptions
  2. Are You Dead
  3. Dead Blind Drunk
  4. Prohibition
  5. Infected Society
  6. What is Hell
  7. In the Bar
  8. Drunkard
  9. Alcoholidays
  10. Alcoholic

Sleaszy Rider Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 23, 2011

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