Spire - Metamorph

Spire is one of those enigmatic odd ball Black Metal bands that try to be unconventional in its own way and create these twisted, ambient soundscapes that aren't as lulling or boring as a band like Velvet Cacoon, but features more of a rich, haunting, horror atmosphere like a band such as Karna. 'Metamorph' is the second EP released by Spire and it is just as dark as the first one. Opeing with the rather quiet and buzzing static of "-" there is nothing but faded spoken word samples, making it feel like an opening for Sunn O))). The rest of the tracks on the album are rather the same- all in formation with that constant presence of guitars reverbing away with the tremolo picking fashion with the drone of snarled vocals that don't really feel like they're saying anything rather than just moaning away for effect. Every once in a while things will quiet down for a warbling ambient effect such as on "Parturience," but largely listeners should expect just a blender of chopped up and violent sound that sounds as disturbing as some of the older work from Axis Of Perdition. The only track that really seamlessly blends atmosphere with melody and harsh Black Metal is the last one, "Mort," which new listeners to the genre of 'Black Ambient Metal' might be able to stand without getting too bored or unnerved. The drums here are perfect in their driving manner all the way to the end as they are carried by the shred of guitars. For those who are more used to the twisted music of a band like Xasthur or even Leviathan, then this will be a welcome return to a whole new nightmare.

  1. -
  2. Zygote
  3. Larva
  4. Parturience
  5. Mort