Spirit Descent - Doominion

There has been a bit of a revival of Traditional, Epic Doom Metal in the last couple of years and the world of Doom is much better off for it, but there is still not enough of this brand of Doom in the world especially in the U.S.A. Spirit Descent from Germany are one of the new shining lights in the scene and judging by this album, they are destined to be one of the most appreciated. Take Note doomsters, this album will be at the top of play-lists by the end of the year. If not there is something seriously wrong with the ears of listeners out there, this album is a instant classic statement of Epic, Crushing Doom Metal. Spirit Descent come from the old-school of classy song-building, progressive rock arranging and quality production. They avoid the tendency to down-tuned everything to a sub-sonic level but they make up for that by delivering quality crushing riffs and incredibly exciting melodies. The influences are obvious because its fair to say, Spirit Descent are not original in any way but it never hurts your listening pleasure of this fine album. The influences i am guessing are Candlemass, Black Sabbath, Solstice, Solitude Aeturnus and the heavier side of 70's Progressive Hard Rock.

"Doominion" is such a complete piece of work that highlighting individual tracks is almost pointless, the whole album is a magical experience from the opening of the first track "Greed" to the hidden surprise track that plays out after a lengthy stretch of silence at the end of the disc. At the end of the album, let it run people because you will be amazed by a gem of a track that awaits you. Within a minute of opening track "Greed" you are swept away by a titanic wave of crushing, thunderous Doom Metal. Like i have already mentioned, its intensely heavy with resorting to down-tuning to Z and the immaculate work of ex-Cold Embrace man Andreas Libera on guitar, bass and vocals is simply inspirational to hear. The vocals of Jan Eichelbaum is very much in the mold of Robert Lowe and he has a commanding, powerfully controlled melodic voice and the drumming and the drum sound in general is huge. "Greed" is a very quick 6 minutes that never loses any momentum, it even has a mid-tempo section that causes you to head-bang uncontrollably. Showing that they are not a one-trick pony, they follow that piece of metallic gold with "Land Of Tears". Here a straight-forward riff is used to perfection that displays they have a knack not only for the technical but good old fashioned solid Metal as well. "In Hatred" and "The Path of Doom" doesn't let you down either with unrelenting ominous riffing and majestic melodies.

On "Demon", Jan Eichelbaum shows what a talented, multi-dimensional vocalist he really is with a amazing vocal performance. By the time "A New Dawn" comes creeping out of your speakers, if you are like me you will be wondering where has this band been hiding. One classic track after another, they seem to have a endless supply of ideas and a passion for Doom Metal that is hard to match. "Of a Nation Forlorn" and the last track "Stranger on Earth" continue in the same vein without ever sounding repetitive. Then after a lengthy pause you get to the bonus hidden gem and its a mind blowing slab of metal greatness. Now if that is not enough already, they have recently been joined by Randy Reaper from The Lamp of Thoth on guitar. That might just be total overkill, can Spirit Descent get any better than what they sound like on "Doominion", the answer is properly not but the thought of Reaper on guitar in this band is just the icing on the cake for a band that is pure Doom Metal excellence. From Ambient, Acoustically driven passages to Experimental type sections to monolithic crushing axe swinging, this album has it all and more. I have nothing but praise for this awesome slab of Doom.

1. Greed
2. Land Of Tears
3. In Hated
4. The Path Of Doom
5. Demon
6. A New Dawn
7. Of A Nation Forlorn
8. Stranger On Earth

Self released
Reviewer: Ed
May 5, 2010

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