Spirit Of Rebellion - The Enslavement Process

This Canadian death/black metal band are a whirlwind of chaos and excitement. The tempo and the intensity of the delivery does not give you one second to catch your breath. Out of the pure death tracks, I feel the same kinship to old school US brutal death metal. There are a few intense evil sounds that will no doubt categorise the blackened element to their sound, but more so, it’s bare knuckle heads down and hold on for the ride.

There is no denying the cool technical abilities of this band, the ferocity and precision is top drawer, ‘Kingdom Of Cowards’ hits a particularly sweet spot. Whilst you get your head around the shear intensity you feel a strong connection to the strong vocals from Sylvain Morency that are clear but brutal in their delivery. Some of the drum patterns and high intensity kick drum assaults have certain early Katakylsm comparable nature, their fellow countrymen, although Spirit Of Rebellion are far more into the mould of some classic US bands like Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation and even a touch of Deicide.

The album is worthy on momentum alone and Spirit Of Rebellion take their art to a level of many seasoned stalwarts of the sub-genre, it all depends on whether there is room in your battered head to contemplate this release, in all fairness, there’s no doubt this is worthy of doing so and these gents can really play hard, very hard.

  1. Path To Perdition (Intro)  
  2. The Apology Of Nothingness  
  3. Serenity Through Denial  
  4. Infliction Of Pain  
  5. Kingdom Of Cowards  
  6. Glorified Antithesis  
  7. We Feed  
  8. Terreur Calculée  
  9. Bringer Of End

Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 29, 2016

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