Spirit Of Rebellion - Time For Global Refusal

Spirit Of Rebellion is the crushing sound of a group fed up with life’s hypocritical structures and just taking a hammer to the structure and blowing everything down. This album hits hard and fast like Cannibal Corpse with some tasteful groove in the vein of Deicide and tops things off with a brutal tone in the vein of Belphegor. “Time For Global Refusal” is packed into about thirty six minutes of tasteful death metal that is relatively well produced- it is nothing fans haven’t heard before since Spirit Of Rebellion’s debut back in 2002, and this Canadian five piece keep doing what they do best as far as churning out groove oriented death metal tracks like ‘Act Of Rebellion’ and ‘The Black Flame.’ While the riffs can be a bit repetitive, the catchy tones of the tracks are undeniably enjoyable. Vocally, they are a little one sided in their dark growls that feel similar to Belphegor or Immolation, but here and there the group injects some black metal shrieks, but not as much as they should. On tracks like ‘Idiocy Enshrined’ the band probably opens up with some of the most varied vocal work one will hear on the entire album- showcasing death metal, black metal, and even what seems like a bit of slam in there. And that’s about it for the album in the vocal department.

As “Time For Global Refusal” continues, one might get a little tired of the rather monotone death roars and miss those varied elements that were present earlier. However, the vocals work pretty well for death metal fare; the only downside is that for those who enjoy death metal enough is that it isn’t really anything new for fans to enjoy when groups like Cannibal Corpse or Deicide employ the same style of vocals over and over again. As far as the instrumentation go, the group switches between fast, pummeling tracks like ‘Unsilenced Inquirer’ that are sure to be circle pit starters, and then switch to the more groove oriented pieces like ‘The Barren Hordes’ that feature the riffs and melodies that really get stuck in the listeners’ head. Some tracks like ‘Bow To None’ try to blend the two together, but don’t feature the groove elements enough and let the faster, more thunderous tones take over. For those who like death metal relentless, this is right up their alley.

For new listeners who have no experience with death metal, this album is a great listen as it at least opens with a variety of death styles and then melds more towards brutal death metal with hints of black metal in between. For those who have followed Spirit Of Rebellion for some time or have been enjoying death metal for years, this album may be more of skip around by track till one finds a riff that really hooks them or hear something new-ish from the group. “Time For Global Refusal” may not spark the death metal revolution one needs, but it certainly is loud enough to make one pay attention and not feel quite bored with the record altogether. It is certainly for fans who like their music polished but without any frills or hints of mercy.

2.5 / 5 METAL 


1. Idiocy Enshrined
2. Act of Rebellion
3. The Barren Hordes
4. Unsilenced Inquirer
5. Collateral Damages
6. Ostensible Rewards
7. Bow to None
8. The Black Flame
9. Sovereignty
10. Outro

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Nov 9, 2020

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