Spiritual Deception - Oxymoron

This time I want to review Spiritual Deception band's new Ep. Spiritual Deception is an Italian technical death metal band which is active since 2016. This EP is called "Oxymoron".

First track is 'Hidden In Consciousness' which begins with an aggressive attack and it sound like the band Origin to me, except this band uses different scales on their riffs and it's make them different. Choir sound (keyboard sound or whatever) is something unique and enjoyable and some time sounds magnificent. Vocal is something usual for this kind of genre but I don't like the drum's sound. It could be much better. Bass could sound with more treble (I mean like Suffocation's bass lines could be the same with this either). I checked the album with normal hands free and normal speaker and professionals and I made my decision the drums and bass not sound good. Solo section is fabulous and it is really professional. Techniques and the patterns are good choices.

Second one's intro reminds me some repetitive scale which has been used many times but it is still good. I mean the scale on the bass strings is 0 to 1 and counter and they play it several times and try to develop it by the other guitar (solo and some small changes in the main riff). After about one minute the first verse begins. The combinations between the sentences are good. You can hear different rhythms that are excellent. Some riffs are speedy and some sounds slam and I like it. As I mentioned before, I don't like the drums sound at all. From 3:24, the riff change and it cause of you evolution headband. Some parts you can't hear the vocals clearly.

'Oxymoron' has a sweet intro which will be developed slowly and then solo guitar begins then the heavy riffs are terrific.

'Damnatio Memoriae' is a singular track and you can hear that the drums and bass are good but as I said before, it is not my type of bass sound. It could be less BASS sound. Keyboard gets you to the hell and you can see the devil. Riffs are heavy and good enough.

'Serpent's Speech' is the last track of the EP. Riffs are fantastic and solos are good. This track is my favorite track of this EP. Everything is good enough. All the members are decided to destroy your brain. It was really good.

3.5 / 5 STARS

1. Hidden In Consciousness
2. Captatio Benevolentiae
3. Oxymoron
4. Damnatio Memoriae
5. Serpent's Speech

Self released
Reviewer: Pooyan Ahmadi
Oct 5, 2021

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