Spiritual Holocaust – Feast Of Maggots

Screams, shouts, voices and glass breaking are all sounds that greet you when first play the debut full length by Finnish act Spiritual Holocaust who have one EP out previously. 'Raped By Religions' is the said opening track and a typically corrosive guitar sound oozes from the speakers alongside a guttural gnarly vocal style which is beastly and thoroughly terrifying. The band has that typical Scandinavian death metal style as the title track avalanches a deluge of double bass into the listener amidst the chainsawing guitar riffs which I never tire of hearing. The guitar hook infestation is very Dismember like that tuneful melody that lingers on the body of the song and impresses into your head as a scorching lead break follows.

Slowing down, 'Beneath The Bodies' has a treacly slow riff that drips with terror at an almost doom death pace before an incendiary short-lived injection of speed is felt. I particularly loved this songs slower speed it has a slow motion like effect which continued into 'Captive In Despair' as influxes of double bass surge through the pervasive riffing.  The gradual fade in to 'I Will Die In Here' is emotive with a bereft riff that has a melancholic aura as the song possesses a doom laden ethos that eventually gives in to a grisly riff but retaining an unhurried tempo initially. The track intensifies in waves with the vocals being extremely beastly here, truly disembowelling as the track steps on the speed leaving only 'Celebrate The Godlessness' to close the album. Beginning with an eerie melody the song gathers its forces ready for the blast which it does with incredible momentum as a carpet bombing double kick is layered into the song. More of that eeriness ensues as the track progresses and a dominating guitar hook positions itself on the song too prior to the finale of the track and an all-out speed burst.

Spiritual Holocaust are all about death metal, they do not dilute their song writing with unnecessary extraneous adornments, they keep it gnarly, guttural, interesting and most of all extremely brutal, what more do you need.

  1. Raped By Religions
  2. Feast Of Maggots
  3. Beneath The Bodies
  4. Captive In Despair
  5. Misanthropic Ways
  6. Afterlife War
  7. I Will Die In Here
  8. Celebrate The Godlessness