Spiritus Mortis - Fallen

Finland is the country of these doomers. Spiritus Mortis originally started in 1987 but was on hold for some years and now in 2006 their 2nd full length sees the black light. The first I found remarkable was the vocals who are very alike of Candlemass' Messiah Marcolin. Musically it is in midtempo in the old ways like they did in the 70s with some 80s hardrock edges. The strange thing is that on the promodisc they mention their influences but they don't reach that level themselves. None songs does stand out and the whole album is average...

1. The Dawn
2. New Age
3. Leave Me
4. Divine Wind
5. Something Came And Killed
6. Beware Of The Quiet One
7. Sleeping Beneath The Lawn
8. All The Words Were Spoken
9. The Omen
10. All This In The Name Of Love
11. Wasteland
12. Goodbye

Soundriot Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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