Splitter - En Sorglig Historia

After their Vardagsangest release they signed to Obscene and now release a new MCD with an old demo as bonus. Together 18 songs in just 27 minutes. That means that you get short songs from these Swedish grinders. Under the guidance of vocalchords rasping screams it goes like a bulldozer. It seems that Splitter' goal is molest everything that comes in their way. If you don't step aside after the vocal warning you be wielded by the schizo guitars and run over by the powerful and sometimes chaotic drums. After the tragedy of Nasum these Swedish five piece try to fill the gap for the fans of brutal and intense grind. Oh so nice that it causes ear damage.

1. Krossad
2. Nersparkad (Igen)
3. Haveri
4. Status
5. Valfard/Likfard
6. Tidsinstalld Kollaps
7. Situation Stockholm Kapitel 2
8. Stackars Generation
9. Landets Blinda Undergang
10. Tack Och Adjo
11. En Plats For Alla
12. Nar Allt Sparar Ur (demo)
13. Illustrerad Djavulskap (demo)
14. SS (Smarta Snubbar) demo)
15. Vidriga Skam (demo)
16. Uppdrag: Bakhall (demo)
17. Slutet Spelar Roll (demo)
18. Den Sista Jakten (demo)

Obscene Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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