Splitter - Vardagsangest

Second release from these Swedish grindcore company. 9 Tracks of short duration. But in that time that open all registers to blast, crunch, spew and more into raging terror. Lyrics are insane shouted (how long will he be able to do it this way?), tempo high and the guitars are building the fence with some melodic riffing. But the vocals are in front most. So if you can stand this kind of grinding vocals Splitter is your band.

1. Varldens vald
2. Da du forlorat allt
3. Situation Stockholm
4. Maskburen
5. Nar allt sparar ur
6. Sa javla trasig
7. Skitpapper
8. Undernaringskedjan
9. Dina tva val

Evigt Lidande Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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