Sposa In Alto Mare - Nevergrind

Time for some cult shit, and by saying cult we mean it in every aspect this term includes. Sposa In Alto Mare is an Italian grind-punk band with 15 or more releases on their back and "Nevergrind" is their new album. By reading their name (Should mean Wedding on high sea… or something), it gets pretty obvious that these guys don't want to change the world with their lyrics or their music, and of course don't mean to be taken as such. Those of you who seek the meaning behind the words, change your web page right now as you'll find nothing interesting here. Only 100% heated and steaming, xtra dirty punk grind with a nasty rock'n'roll attitude.

So while I am left here with the party animals I feel free enough to say that this here is one of the finest examples of a band that really doesn't give a shit about anything, and really digs its own style. Humor is in an exaggerative dose on this, with the artwork being an artwork cover on Nirvana's "Nevermind", except those guys here changed it to "Nevergrind" and the baby is floating in feces. And of course their taste for bad ass humor does not stop in the album cover, as it is injected to their music as well. So… grind-punk following the steps of Agathocles, that doesn't take itself too serious, and why should it? Have you ever seen anyone going to a party in a suit? Yeah that's what I though. The Italians are relentless on us as the alcohol keeps pouring down our throats in this huge feast of positive stupidity they've created. And the fun of the thing is that all of us left are the ones who find this attractive, and I think there's plenty down the pit.

Song titles as 'Batman's Revenge On Ozzy Ozbourne' or 'Poo Fighters' or even the one they call 'Balsamoth' are there to prove their intention to make everything look ridiculous, and in the end make the saying that wants music to be a sanitize form of art. No matter what problem you might endure, once you get a hold of these party boys here, you will instantly forget about it all and focus on how to break something. Cos besides the humor and party mode and everything, Sposa In Alto Mare play high tension grind able to get under your skin, and if you combine that with their punk influences, you understand that we're talking about a blasting dynamite here. Riffs that bring a lot of heat with them, form 17 songs with a medium length of 1:30 minute. Long enough for anyone to break everything. The drums are simply relentless and the bass is solid as a rock giving the whole thing the proper heaviness. The production is muddy as hell. Shitty in ways a professional producer could not even think of, but this is exactly what this type of music needs and it really powers the whole outcome up.

Summing up and ending I have to say that Sposa In Alto Mare is definitely not the band to change your views on music, but a band that will drag you to its quarters and have you partying all day long. "Nevergrind", proves that you don't need music academy awards or technicalities, in order to play awesome music. Just heart and soul and you'll just get there!!

  1. Spenderesti Mai Dei Soldi Per Sta Merda?
  2. Necrofagiano (Fly High Into The Sky)
  3. Bicicletta
  4. Elezione Gastrointestinale
  5. Prendo La Caffettiera Con La Canottiera
  6. Nucleare (Kurt Cobain Version)
  7. Iva Zanicchi Caga In Diretta
  8. Is It Really Mine? (cover Agathocles)
  9. Balsamoth
  10. Kamikaze
  11. Batman's Revenge On Ozzy Osbourne
  12. No, We Aren't Another Fuckin'stoner Doom Band
  13. Mi Scappa Uno Stoner
  14. Testicular Trauma (Regurgitate)
  15. Mai Mettere Il Dentifricio Sul Cazzo
  16. Devi Esser Malandrino Se Trasformi l'Acqua In Vino!
  17. Solido
  18. Poo Fighters

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 11, 2014

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