Squash Bowels - Love Songs

Squash Bowels is a grind band that I follow for some years now. They always satisfied my needs with their works. And now there is this new album Love Songs. Love Songs? Are they gone poppy and going for the hitcharts, MTV award? Hell NO! These polish trio is delivering a fucking great album. The gro with every album and this album is top! 15 Tracks of grind that is catchy and yet dirty, fast and mean. Vocals in high and low range and fast drumming. The slowest song is the Gut cover but the album has enough variation and triggering points to discover yourself. At the end of 2005 one of the better grind albums...

1. Dead Field
2. Grind Standart
3. Ungovernable
4. Syringe With Wit
5. Searching For The Kill
6. Stinker Spoiling For A Fight
7. More Our Colours
8. To Flash The Hash...
9. Ruthless Rabble
10. Swinish Snout = Liar
11. Naive...
12. Wound Fuck (cover Gut)
13. Fuck Instructor
14. Neuron
15. Sick Control

Lifestage Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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