St. Madness - Vampires In The Church

Vampires In The Church is already the sixth album of St Madness. A band who dresses up like black metal freaks but maybe more connection to early Kiss. But forget about this as the band plays shock/thrash metal. Not the harsh thrash but much more diverse. They play nice metal with catchy grooves in different styles. They do it rough or sensative. Even play blues in "Covered In Blood Again" but everything is done with humor like the "Head" song. Also nice metal guitars with nice leads like in the title track and even paying tribute to guitarist Dimebag in the "Walk" song. With this album St. Madness delivers a cool and true metal album full of sing a long songs, headbangers or sex. Nice job!

1. Vampires In The Church
2. Speaking In Tongues
3. Arizona
4. Covered In Blood Again
5. Return To Madness
6. Carl The Clown
7. Head
8. Ever After
9. Walk
10. Missing Girl's Body Found
11. I Cut Myself
12. Expressionless
13. Kill
14. Until Death
15. Jus Say Goodbye

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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