St. Madness - We Make Evil Fun

St. Madness is the name and maybe it covers everything. I really liked the booklet and it a long time to view all the pics. Pity that the lyrics are not printed, track 4 is almost poetry. This band plays metal with madness and humour and i think it is primairly a live band. This disc is a best of and contains from different records and giving a nice overview. Don't expect trendy metal, death or black but just real heavy metal. Songs that are easy to follow, sing a long, guitarleads, ballads and above all metal. I wouldn't call this worldshocking but just a nice CD to listen to and to get a taste of drinking beer, play airguitar and fist raising shouts in the pit.

1. Sounds from the abyss
2. No mercy
3. The crown
4. Sexual abuse
5. rage
6. Evil me
7. You are my food
8. When the terror comes
9. Dark night of the soul
10. Wild thing (cover)
11. St Madness
12. Here comes the judge
13. Love’s butcher shop
14. Insane
15. God bless america
16. Ice pick
17. Hey joe (cover)
18. Evil elvis
19. Prophet / profit
20. We’re all going to hell

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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