Stalaggh - :Projekt Misanthropia:

Stalaggh is a Dutch noise/drone/black metal band that specializes in experiments of hell sounds. How does one create the effect of hell in music? Well it has obviously been tried for years with severe distortion, growl vocals, and now with technology and electronic vocals. Stalaagh gets its name from the German word for Prison, “stalag” (Have you ever seen Billy Wilder’s film Stalag 17?), and adds “g h” to the end which stands supposedly for “global holocaust.” The effect is a name wrapped in pain, torture, power dynamics, and sadism.

:Projekt Misanthropia: is a single 35:00 minute track that is built on top of melancholy black metal, way down in the mix, with recordings of slamming doors and looped yelling and screaming on top. The sounds all project a feeling of a torture prison where killing is done for pleasure and where one might even be tempted to cut one’s own body parts off just to see. The sounds of screams are reportedly taken from recordings in a sanitarium where some of the inmates (patients) served time for murder. I am a big fan of this group. They also have another recording, Nihilistik Terror, which compiles two earlier projects, Projekt Nihil and Projekt Terrror (3 ‘r’ s, that’s correct).

1. Projekt Misanthropia

Autopsy Kitchen Records
Reviewer: Jesse
Feb 26, 2009

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