Starve - Promo MMX

While Netherlands Starve call themselves doom metal, their style certainly has plenty of black metal in the mix as well. While the tempo of their four track demo is raw, distorted, and slow, the snarling is certainly black metal tinged. What listeners can expect from this demo is dirty, sometimes rock n' roll doom. "Stuck" is a great slow, plodding opener with tortured vocals and plenty of distorted chords. However, the distortion isn't so bad as to create a complete haze around all the other instruments. There's plenty of moments where one can hear the bass rumbling, loud and clear. "Homesick" is still distorted, but has more of a rock feel to it, like something one would hear from Baroness or Mastadon's earlier days. From a track like this it is obvious the band isn't intent on depressing anyone with their style; the music overall is more of a stoner doom feel, such as Heavy Lord who perform more epic, but just as distorted rock based music.  "Preachers Without Faith" follow a similar fashion, being just as chord driven but also have that doom n' rock vibe to it. The lyrics to this aren't exactly the greatest in the way their sung, but the distorted chords still keep the mesmerizing feeling up. "Enzeilganger" is a return to the more slower, crushing doom metal feel as it isn't as upbeat as the last two tracks, but still has plenty to offer. The vocals sound particularly black metal-esque and evil here, creating a dark shroud of ambience that may or may not be intentional. Overall, it's still enjoyable for almost any doom head.

While the music sounds very lo fi and garage-recorded, the dirty feeling only enhances the rawness of the music. Whether or not this is ultimately the style that Starve will perform in on future work remains yet to be seen. However, it is clear that fans who enjoy bands like Brown Jenkins, Heavy Lord, and Gloomy Sunday will enjoy this, even if the music is a bit harsher than what their used to. It isn't depressing, and it isn't exactly moshpit music, but Starve's demo demonstrate that they can take people to another place with their distorted music. For the major doom-heads only.

  1. Stuck
  2. Homesick
  3. Preachers Without Faith
  4. Einzelganger

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
May 9, 2010

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