Starve - Wasteland

Starve is a rather new sludge/doom band from the Netherlands and this is their first full length album after a 4-song demo released last year. Their style is typical sludge with southern rock and stoner influenced grooving riffs and the necessary slow doom parts. The heavy down tuned guitars are very audible in the mix because of the more stonerlike sound which makes it quite transparent and make room for the dirty distorted bass sound. Drums are pounding from minimal doom to the uptempo sludge vibe also keeping the songs dynamic by changing tempos withing the riffing. On top of this the hatefilled screaming vocals telling us stories of misery, sickness and society in general. Some variation in the vocals is provided by slightly different clean shouting and distorted parts. Songs are build around returning structures which makes them recognisable quite easily. This is also emphasised by catchy riffing but with the tension and instrumental intermezzos in the songs keep them from getting boring or predictable. Maybe the overall sound and vibe could be more sickening and dirty but all is brought with the necessary passion which makes this an enjoyable album for fans of sludge/doom.

  1. This Town Is Dead
  2. Preachers Without Faith
  3. Stuck
  4. Fill The Void
  5. Wasteland
  6. Homesick
  7. Homeless
  8. Einzelgänger
  9. Strange Fruit
  10. Starve

Badger Records
Reviewer: Nydoom
Nov 23, 2010

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