State:Chaos - Ashes Of Misery

State:Chaos, I’m familiar with this band for quite some time. The first time I went to one of their shows was in april 2007, they only played for half an hour, but they left a great impression. I bought this demo after the show so here’s the review. State:Chaos delivers Thrash Metal, heavy but also melodic with some influences from Death Metal. The first song on this demo is an intro, starting with an easy-going acoustic piece going into some heavy riffing, a nice solo, no vocals needed. The song flows over to the 2nd song, where the Thrash fest really begins. Fast melodic Thrash Metal, with tight drums, great riffs, fine solo’s and grunts and screams that you just have to love. This is one of the best demo’s I’ve ever heard, and makes me press the play button over and over. The production is pretty neat, way better than on most demo’s. Check out their demo (excluding intro “Into the Ashes”) on their myspace. And if you get the chance, catch these guys live and buy this disc, you’ll love it if you’re into some heavy yet melodic Thrash Metal and they have a great live performance. I read on their site that they are going to record their debut in January 2009, bring it on guys!!

1. Into the Ashes
2. Desecration of Life
3. To Die Again
4. Ashes of Misery

Self released
Reviewer: frans
Feb 26, 2009

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