Steengruis - Armageddrol

These crazy motherfuckers from Belgium preach turd armageddon with their first (self-released) full length CD. Regarding the lyrics (mostly in flemish) and the cover artwork you might think this is just a joke. Altough I trust they had a lot of fun making these songs and shit, it sounds like they put a serious effort in writing these songs and recording it. The sound is heavy yet clear with down tuned guitars, pounding drums and a brutal grunt. Songs are quite short and vary from straight forward death metal with double bass parts and fast blastbeats to grooving goregrind parts and down tempo moshing. All is played tight and sounds pretty fresh and there is quite some variation put into the songs within the 26 minutes running time. Although it's hard to make something new within the genre of death metal and grind, this band certainly has it's own face and is worth checking out of you like grinding death metal..

  1. Keutel Ping-Pong
  2. Facial Humiliation
  3. Den Beer
  4. De Lange Zwabber
  5. Smegmamama
  6. Laura Lynn
  7. Honger
  8. Where The Fuck Is Tom Jones
  9. Smoel Vol Kak
  10. M&M
  11. D.E.B.I.E.L.
  12. Naakt Dansen
  13. De Pfaffs
  14. Bakkes Vol Bloed
  15. Kutschhurft
  16. Miss Belgiƫ

Self released
Reviewer: Nydoom
Jan 10, 2011

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