Steep - Silence Is Not Golden

This is the first full length of Finnish metal band Steep. Steep is playing thrash metal that sound aggressive but not over the top. Melodic edges, uptempo beats, screamy vocies and low tuned guitars. Songs that are played without the intention to vary a lot but more straight forward and just do what you think you can do the best. A pity that the band is not pushing their limitations because they can do more. And the nice artwork can't do the work alone...

1. Silence is not Golden
2. Rise
3. Thousand Years
4. Redefine
5. Devouring
6. Fingerthroat
7. Sweet Leech
8. Legions of Hate
9. Unnatural Disaster
10. All Dead
11. The Empire of Grief
12. Complete Lack of Ideals and Integrity
13. Change
14. Saints

Dies Irae Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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