Stench Of Death - Retrospect

First my compliments about this self financed debutalbum. It looks very pro and made with lots of dedication. Now the music because that is what counts. SOD (hey...) plays death metal with melody and atmosphere (keyboards). Grunting vocals, guitars than change riffs frequently but where are the leads??? And the drums sound very powerful and have a thrashy hook. The 8 songs have the right brutality but don't drown in wall of sound. For a debut it is a great album. Check it out yourself!!

1. The long sobs of the violins in autumn (intro)
2. Atland
3. Artaman
4. The wewelsburg Castle
5. The Knights Templar
6. Sonderkommando Jankuhn
7. Pastor Niemoller
8. Ancestral Heritage Society
9. Summer Solstice
10. Silencing the Chapter (Outro)

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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