Stench Of Dismemberment - Cannibalistic Urge

Started in October 2003 after the band Penis Leech (what a great name!!) splitted up after 3 demos. The new band is called Stench Of Dismemberment and the style they are gonna play is sick and brutal death metal. Think of bands like Devourment and Disgorge and you will get the impression. In 2005 their debut MCD was released and you hear 5 tunes. In those tunes the vocals are ultra low and I cannot imagine they use lyrics... Music wise it just slams around and the brutality won't stop! Fast and blasts interact with those pounding mid parts. And the guitars are sawing like hell. this MCD is def a piece of gutteral decay and for those who like their meat raw!!

1. Rotting Bowels Ingurgitation
2. Indulgence Denied
3. Festering Vaginal Discharge
4. Bind, Torture & Kill
5. Sexual Organs Removal

Permeated Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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