Stench Price - Stench Price

Well, this is something interesting for sure! Stench Price is a band formed by two Russians - Peter Shalmin on bass and Max Konstantinov on guitars, both from the progressive metal band Kamlath. This debut self-titled EP has six tracks and the names of the guest musicians are outstanding. The drumming is provided by Romain Goulon from the psychos Necrophagist and the other names are as follows: the beginning of the EP is given by 'Living Fumes' which features Dan Lilker (Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault, Anthrax and many more). This is explosive grindcore mixed with... lounge music or whatever those goofy tunes are called. It reminds me of Exit 13 which is another band that Dan Lilker was briefly a part of. 'Furnaces Burn' follows featuring another man who has been in a ton of bands - Rogga Johansson. This track is a classic death/grind with a very short lounge moment. The psycho melodies are back in 'Pressure' feat. Katrina Utomo from High Tension and then '4.27.15' explodes with participation from Max Phelps (Cynic). This track and 'The Genocide Machine' (with Dave Ingram from Benediction and currently Hail of Bullets) are pure aggression without the laughable melodies. Those melodies are again present in the sixth and final track 'Vitality Slip' feat. Shawn Knight from Child Bite.

So this is one very curious experiment that is definitely not for everyone. But if you are more open minded towards the sonic experiments of The Dillinger Escape Plan and some of the Brutal Truth releases then Stench Price is the band to look out for.

  1. Living Fumes (feat. Danny Lilker of Brutal Truth)
  2. Furnaces Burn (feat. Rogga Johansson of Paganizer)
  3. Pressure (feat. Karina Utomo of High Tension)
  4. 4.27.15 (feat. Max Phelps of Cynic)
  5. The Genocide Machine (feat. Dave Ingram of Hail Of Bullets)
  6. The Vitality Slip (feat. Shawn Knight of Child Bite)