Stickoxydal - Perverted Position Of Interior

Three guys from Belarus (some little country in Eastern Europe) are playing extreme goregrind inspired by Utopie and Gut. It is going from very fast to groovy mid tempo. Vocals are distorted and brutal. The songs are rather short and before you know the blast is over. But it is an album that you easily play again as it is gore and it is catchy, it is fast and it is stamping. Surprisingly a nice album and with all those sick lyrics for adults there is also thought about little kids as Schnappi is coming by at the end of track 7.

1. Frequent Desires To Urination
2. Involuntary Defecation
3. Morbid Anatomy
4. Autopsy
5. Melaena
6. Haemotemesis
7. The Kidney Torned Off Together With A Vascular Leg
8. Cadaveric Blood
9. Sludge
10. Eaten Alive
11. Rigor Mortis
12. Obturative Ascaridiasis Intestinal Obstruction
13. Macerated Fetus
14. What A Shit!
Bizarre Leprous Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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