Stiff Donut - Once You Got Chocolate You Never Go Back

When the envelop landed on the doormat I opened it with great eager but when I pulled out the disc my jaw dropped. WTF is this for artwork? You see a male genitale shape, made of something brown and it looks like poop but I cannot say it is a donut, lying on a plate. And on the backside it is standing stiff. Also typography is very basic rather dull. Good thing is that the lyrics are printed inside and little recording info. So we see the band has three members but they don't say what they do. So I guess that there is a vocalist, guitarist and a keyboard player. Musically (and that is the most important) is it rather interesting and entertaining. Mostly mid tempo with up temp electronic beats (sounding like video games or scratching vinyls) and guitars that come around the corner unexpected and aggressive metal riffing or impulsive soloing. With the lyrics inside you can follow the monotonous singing but it sounds more like anonomous narrating through a telephone. In the beginning the vocals sound strange but halfway you start with him as the lyrics are hilarious and a kick in the face of the morality of society. I think that this album is more a statement against the stupidity of todays society and all the sheep who dare not judge for themselves. Correct me if I am wrong but that is the idea I get when listening to this album. I wrote to the emailaddress but didn't get a reply back and I cannot find them on the net to state my ideas.

Stiff Donut

Written for AEA Zine #15

1. It's Hard To Take The Pope Seriously
2. A Wooly Mammoth's Asshole
3. Be Extra Gentle When You Go Muff Diving
4. Criminals In Blue
5. Circumcision Sandwich
6. Fake ID
7. Fucking Retarded
8. Everyone Can Be Replaced

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 5, 2010

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