Stigma - Concerto For The Undead

Stigma create a play on words with their latest album, Concerto For The Undead. While it may seem humorous, this Italian melodic deathcore band is no laughing matter. They perform straight through with gusto and ripping ferocity, especially when it comes to guitar. There's just as much melody as there are blast beats, and Stigma even try to get a bit technical with their style. Compared to their last album, When Midnight Strikes, this album is much better produced and tasteful, while still keeping up with their loved for one of horror's most beloved denizens, the Crypt Keeper. Just look at the album art...

Much of the album lyrics revolve around death, but there's some humor mixed within. "3000 Years And Still Keeping It Real" and "Beat Me Maestro, Eight To The Dead!" are both amusing, but feature some of the most intense work performed by the band. The drums are like machine guns while the vocals have this intense screaming with overlapping growls. The guitars are almost always in solo mode trying to be as virutous as possible, but still deliver that deathcore crunch. The brutality of the music is just skull pounding, but that's where the grindcore influence comes in. There's more than enough melody though to keep things from getting annoying, though.

The one pitfall that Stigma do create is lack of ingenuity and varied song structure. The album can get a bit boring after a while due to the same guitar chords and melodies being performed one after another. The only track that sounds remotely different from the others is the last one, "Doctor Skeleton," recognized best for its bass intro and somewhat slower pace. The difference may seem small, but it is likely that fans will enjoy this track most of all simply because it is a breath of fresh air just to hear something that doesn't sound like the last nine tracks that were just played. Plus, the closing guitar work is pretty appreciable as well.

Stigma haven't really done anything fresh here, but they're melodic deathcore is appreciable for those willing to take the time to try them out. The guitars are obviously the backbone of the music, and while the vocals are a bit generic, still deliver enough power to make the music as intense as it should be. For fans of Lower Hell and Carnifex.

  1. Chop His Head Off!
  2. Prove You Are A Man
  3. ... And They Died Happily Ever After
  4. A Monstrous Feeling
  5. The Undertaker
  6. What About A Terror Ride
  7. 3,000 Years And Still Keeping It Real
  8. A Grave Situation
  9. Beat Me Maestro, Eight To The Dead!
  10. Doctor Skeleton

Pivotal Rockordings
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Aug 2, 2010
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