Stillbirth – Revive The Throne

German brutal slam deathcore outfit Stillbirth are no strangers to metal. More than likely anyone who has been delving into the slam subgenre has probably heard of them as these guys have been cranking out music since 2003. Over the years they’ve seemed to develop a pattern of sorts when it comes to releases. Originally delving into lyrics and themes similar to that of Cannabis Corpse, one has to take Stillbirth’s work with a grain of salt when they tend to go for the more drug induced ideas on their albums. However, they also have a more created side and create mini concept albums here or there, and the timetable seems to have landed on a concept album this time. Drawing back to gladiator battles but with a bit of a sci fi edge to it, it feels like cinematography Gladiator meets video game Borderlands: Moxie’s Underdome when checking out “Revive The Throne.” Each track feels like another ear beatdown, but at least fans will enjoy it.

For those who have been following Stillbirth for the last few years, they can know what to expect: pretty standard chugging deathcore with lots of slam elements and crushing vocals that switch between deep growls and the ever-famous pig squeals. For those who don’t know of Stillbirth, think Within Destruction meets earlier Whitechapel. The songs are quick, but hit hard, and they even have double bass, which makes for a thick, yet clean sound that only enhances the slamming grooves. Right off with ‘Degraded To Mutilation’, one can’t help but head bang to the rhythms that come belting out. Other tracks like ‘Panem Et Circenses’ have the balanced mix of squeals and growls but there are more breakdowns and chugging that deathcore and slam fans enjoy so much, versus the earlier tracks that are more straightforward brutal death metal.

While there is not much variation between tracks- one the unfortunate downfalls of a lot of slam bands- one thing Stillbirth never lose is the groove in each song. Despite random movie samples thrown in at the beginning of tracks or at the end, the music is sure to entertain. One of the strongest tracks is ‘Unleash The Mutation’ simply for the opening riffs; something about them just grabs listeners and pulls them in faster than a chainsaw harpoon (just look at the album artwork there has to be one in there somewhere). For those looking for a cleaner and more polished version of Devourment, then this would probably suit them well. It’s brutal, it’s loud, the lyrics hold some interesting ideas while still being sickening, but overall Stillbirth have given another album that should be presented during any ‘slamfest’.

4 / 5 STARS 

Reviewer: Colin McNamara

Sep 22, 2020

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Stillbirth – Revive The Throne

review Stillbirth- Revive The Throne

1. Degraded To Mutilation
2. Revive The Throne
3. Degeneration
4. Man’s Tormentor
5. Panem Et Circenses
6. Breed Of Bestiality
7. Eating Flesh Of The Objector
8. Revolt Of The Weak
9. Echoes Of The Trumpets
10. Unleash The Mutation
11. Dethrone The King


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