Stillborn – Crave For killing

Black metallers Stillborn return after releasing a demo compilation earlier in the year with a 5 track EP.

Not much has changed with Stillborn. They still walk the fine line between black and death metal, I think they edge more towards death metal musically while leaning more black metal vocally and they make it work, this will appeal to fans of either genre.

Quite simply this is a bewildering raw open sore of a release. Its 20 minutes of unforgiving brutality with plenty of headbanging moments. From the Celtic Frost riff at the end of 'It’s A Sinner' to the 6 minute thrashtastic closer 'Staroswieckosc We Mnie Jest'.

I’m really getting into this band, they’re dark, nasty, abrasive, punishing and pummelling and above all they’re fun! Go get it!

  1. It's A Sinner
  2. To Be
  3. Crave For Killing
  4. Korowód
  5. Staroświeckość We Mnie Jest