Stillborn - Manifiesto de Blasfemia

It was in 1997 when Killer and Gopher decided to form a band to kick the world some ass. Stillborn are from Mielec (Poland) and they play brutal death metal with good focus on the melody. They are not from the ultimate butchery but add the necessary breaks and melody in the songs. Drums are blasting the shit and the guitars are heavy riffing with venomous leads and all covered by raw screams and growls. So actualy it is the ultimate butchery, haha. Fuck it, "Stillborn" is a lovely album with sheer terror and sensation. Period.

1. Harbringer Of Evil
2. Infernal Goat Worship
3. Seeds Of Doom
4. Preliminary Dirge
5. Nekromassakr: Death's Coronation
6. Die Fuckers
7. Angel Ripper
8. Manifesto De Blasfemia
9. Natural Born Destroyers
10. Pest: Ravager Of Humanity
11. Blood And Conflagration

Pagan Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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