Stillborn – Mirrormaze/Die in Torment 666

Polish black metallers Stillborn now 5 albums deep into their career release this compilation of their first two demos in a stunning little package packed with photo’s info and an awesome front cover.

Now let’s be honest most demo compilations sound like shit and are for hardcore fans only. They either serve as stop gap release or they fill up box set space which you listen to and stroke your chin to once and then forget about.

This however is different! This compilation plays like a full album and flows brilliantly, of course it’s raw and rough round the edges like all demos but its sufficient enough and plays as good as any death or black metal album of its kind.

The first half “Mirromaze” relies heavily on samples and with the short songs it’s a bit start and stoppish, just as you’re getting into the rhythm of it the next track kicks in but once it settles it’s really enjoyable especially the second half “Die in Torment 666” while all the Black Metal familiarities are there and the band have an obvious black metal image yet on tracks like 'Keep Dying' and 'Molestation' it’s obvious the band have just as much if not more in common with early Deicide then Mayhem. It’s seriously heavy headbang inducing stuff played with a savagery of Blasphemy or Angelcorpse.

This is a seriously fun listen. As I said demo releases are generally to complete the collections of diehard fans but this is actually the first thing I’ve heard from the band and I’m converted and I want to investigate further off the back of this.

This is a great collection and a wonderfully put together package and with only 300 copies available it’s an essential rare gem to add to your collection.

  1. Crave For Killing
  2. Hefaystos
  3. Die In Torment
  4. Nailed Hessus
  5. Mirrormaze
  6. Morphine Laboratory
  7. Stillborn
  8. Artror City
  9. Molestation 
  10. Iconoclast (Mirromaze Era version)
  11. Keep Dying
  12. Blasphemous Perversion
  13. Whore
  14. Millenium of Hatred
  15. Blood, Chains & Whips
  16. Iconoclast (D.I.T.666 Era version)
  17. God Is Good

Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 29, 2018

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