Stolen Lives - Luciferův Efekt

Czech Republic based Stolen Lives are a four-piece self titled "Thrash-Core" band. "Luciferův Efekt" is their 2019 album, full to the brim of catchy punk tinged riffs, battering drums and harsh yelled vocals. Whilst the concept of combining both thrash and core may seem totally treacherous and a risky placement, thoughts of the unlikely odds in having a thrash metal fan and a core fan actually getting along together somewhat baffles me. However we are powering through 2019 and anything goes, besides that's not to say that "Thrash-Core" is even a new genre, it's been around for years and often gets confused with many grindcore bands. After listening to this record you could easily understand this confusion.

The album embraces a DIY punk attitude throughout. This is a band who would probably enjoy playing house or basement shows with their friends as opposed to playing on larger stages at festival events. 'Prozium' fits this style perfectly, whilst tracks like 'Ó Kruhu, Kruhu' appear darker and have an overall mature sound. The riffs are still unforgettable though, and often combined with the drumming, have a similar backbone of that of a black metal band. Yet vocally this is thrash and punk at it's purest. The combination definitely works to fluster the listener, yet also opens more doorways for Stolen Lives to fit into for the avid metal listener. The album's production is constantly muddy, something that is has always been hit and miss with myself whilst the music industry is currently thriving with new ways to express themselves with. Yet the band's redeeming factor of keeping everything punk and in your face works well with the production they've chosen.

I could easily picture Stolen Lives nailing a live show with crowdsurfers, ballistic mosh pits, singalongs - you name it! Unfortunately it's difficult to pull that vibe off in an album so I'd definitely say they're destined for the live crowd, whilst their album is yet to offer anything more creative than they're already bringing to the table, as sadly the album's instrumental 'Outro' is probably their most appealing feature to anyone who isn't that much into the two genres Stolen Lives present us with.

1. Háček
2. Nevyhnutelně
3. Luciferův Efekt
4. V Zapomnění
5. Prozium
6. Ó Kruhu, Kruhu
7. Čára Bídy
8. Raději Být Naivní
9. Vztek
10. Stopaři
11. Nevíme Nic
12. Outro