Stoned Jesus - First Communion

Hailing from Ukraine these potsmokers obviously know that Jesus was one of the best dealers in the 70's.. Stoner / doom rock is the result...

This is the first full length after two demos in 2009 so this is quite a new band but they don't sound modern at all. The influences of 70's rock, psychedelic and of course Black Sabbath are obvious. With a fuzzy guitar and bass sound the riffs are as you would expect in this genre so nothing progressive, just the blues influenced stonerrock. Mostly in slower and relaxing tempo the songs are build around these riffs sometimes escaping into bassguitar driven parts with some clean guitar melodies or bluesý solo's and more uptempo swinging 70's rock parts. The songs are quite long but are quite catchy at moments and all this is completed by the Ozzy styled vocals which are done well and of course perfectly fit to this kind of music. Sometimes miss some dynamics in the drums, they seem a little flat in the mix, but overall the sound is good.

A successfull first communion for these stoners with this CD containing four songs with a total running time of 40 minutes. So check it out if you're into 70's stoner doomrock.

1. Occult
2. Red Wine
3. Black Woods
4. Falling Apart

Solitude Productions
Reviewer: Nydoom
Sep 7, 2010
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