Stormnatt - The Crimson Sacrament

Austrian Black metalers Stormnatt was started in 2000 appearing on the cult label THR now returning with the re release of The Crimson Sacrament. for me the opening track although clear and fast paced for me introduces a thin sound that for want of a better term, lacks grit. as usual i tend to pick on bands that cut out bottom and this album is cold to the touch which many will be a great thing. the riffs are nothing special and the repetitive song structures open an endless wave of cliche. on the otherhand if your into the likes of burzum and darkthrone who could be accused by some of the same thing then this could be up your street. this doesn't mean the album is not without its hooks but the style is the epitome of itself and sounds like it was written as it was recorded in one day and these guys can clearly do a hell of a lot better. best track is Upon The Shores Of Solitude Pt III but honestly they all sound exactly the same. 2 stars for this, sorry guys.

1. Apparitional Echoes From The Void
2. Wounds Of Worship
3. The Crimson Sacrament
4. Soul Murder Ceremony
5. The Omega Illumination
6. Thanatheism
7. Blood Will Tell
8. Upon The Shores Of Solitude Pt III

Ashen Productions
Reviewer: Skaven
Dec 11, 2009

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