Stortregn - Evocation Of Light

This is a most excellent example of the wonders that Switzerland has to offer to the world in terms of deadly atmospheric black metal. From beginning to end each of these 9 tracks simply took my breath away. "Evocation Of Light" is a masterpiece, this is simply perfection through and through. This is the band's 2nd album (first being 2008, "Devoured By Oblivion" and prior to that was their 2007 demo), seeing that it is the only one I have listened to I am anxiously going to find and treasure the first as well. Stortregn is the band and "Evocation Of Light" is the album that 2013 was waiting for.

Chilling atmosphere throughout this album with each track taking the listener on a melodic journey which leads to several epic and haunting adventures. Cunningly embedding your soul into it's core bit by bit blowing your mind without you even realizing it's impact until it is over and you are craving for more and more. The guitar riffs are wickedly tantalizing and the drum beats are devilish. Amazing change overs and diversity within each track. The vocals are highly impressive holding a strong range and intense power all in total control and strength. This entire album is fit for a demon's dance.

If you love classic artists such as Dissection and Naglfar you will find  a heavy trace of their influence here and lyrically lacings of Watain. "Evocation Of Light" is hardcore masturbation of the mind, spirit and all senses. Enjoy the ride and highly recommended…

  1. Inner Black Flame
  2. Epitaph - An Evocation Of Light
  3. Between Shadows And Souls
  4. Negative Theology
  5. Moonshade
  6. A Mournful Saraband
  7. So Much Dust...
  8. Thoroughfares
  9. The Call