Stortregn - Uncreation

This is an eight track full length release from Swiss band Stortregn, a band I have never heard of before, so was interested in what they bring to the metal table!! Well you get eight tracks of well played black/death mix from this band who have been going since 2005 and have had a demo and an e.p. released before this their first full length. Well it all kicks off with a galloping fast tune “IV” which shows the band and all that they can do, the vocals are very black metallish, real raspy, style ones from Romain who also chips in with some guitar work, the main guitar is done by Johan and a talented guy he is too, some nice work by him, bass is ably done by Alex and Gary the drummer is very decent too. A very decent band this all very able musicians, so what about the album, well you get eight tracks that gallop along at a fair pace, they are described as black/death metal but I honestly have them down as more death/thrash with a bit of black vocals thrown in, whatever you want to describe them it works very well and makes for a decent release from the band.

“The Eye Of Judgement” is a good track that rattles on at a fair pace and shows the musicianship this band have, one of my favourite tracks on the whole album. I also liked the short instrumental “Road To The Land Of Thule” which breaks the album up nicely as it is a nice slowish tempo piece before the band once more crank it up!! All the tracks on this release are of a decent quality and the whole album is pretty good for a first full length from a young newish band, one to watch out for.

Well this is a decent first full length from this band with a bit of a mixture on it covering most genres of metal on it and all well played, a good start for Stortregn and this is a band I will be keeping my eye on for future releases as they show some very good promise. Well played and interesting album from a band who will get even better in my opinion.


  1. IV
  2. The Eye Of Judgment
  3. Without Return
  4. The Uncreaction
  5. Road To The Land Of Prevarication
  6. Through A Path Of Prevarication
  7. Nocturnal
  8. A Shape In The Mystical Hase