Story Of Jade - The Damned Next Door (Know Your Neighbors!!)

Despite their appearance, these Italians have nothing to do with the black metal scene, but in fact prefer to make their music in a heavier thrashing vein using horror and fear scenarios in their lyrics. ‘Heavy Metal Killing Machine (H.M.K.M.)’ goes down a storm. These folks are certainly inspired by modern day Exodus. Vocally, there are a few similarities to Rob Dukes, not forgetting inclusion of some thunderous riffs and massive proficient arrangements at every twist and turn. For a band to be unknown like this is criminal, yes there are plenty of the big bands engaged in similar musical quarters, but Story of Jade have a niche that takes one step closer to the foot of the stairway of metal stalwarts, each (dare I say it) anthem is crafted with integrity, power and even a sense of fun. ‘C.F. Virus S01’ is an unadulterated modern thrash classic (featuring Necrodeath members), filling your speakers with riff after riff and hook after hook. Story of Jade have no need to sit back on past, but forge their future in your minds and souls listening to songs like ‘Bloodsuckers’. The solo to this one is unrelenting, this is what makes this genre great.

This is horror metal, this is something you should really give your time and money too. ‘The Damned Next Door’ makes metal fun again, its music for the undead generation and those looking to fulfil their worthless existence with something of substance; ‘The Damned Next Door (Know Your Neighbors!)’ is juggernaut of vibrant thrash music.

  1. Self-Inflicted Masterpiece
  2. Afterlife Confusion
  3. Enemy In Me
  4. H.M.K.M.
  5. C.F. Virus S01
  6. Confessions Of A Headless Man
  7. Bloodsuckers
  8. J.A.D.E.
  9. Lulladie
  10. New World Inquisition (When You Hear The Sirens)

Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 10, 2011

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