Strandhogg - Ritualistic Plague

Welcome to the realm where only Death is real... Polish black metal straight from the bowels of Hell. This is neither a political nor religious band, they are just true to the path of what the world of death worship is all about. Well either way "Ritualistic Plaque" is a cadavoristic, mind mutilating experience. This short played debut full length album executes exteme violence while still remaining grimm and hypnotic in sound. If you can appreciate a hatered for the human race and can associate with hymms of death, suffering and fear presented in a loud, aggressive and totally nightmarish manner then you must get your greedy hands on this album. I love the primitive trible tons blending with influences of horror all equally blending together and recorded in the most perfected murderous manner. Solid black metal-Love it! 5/5.

1. Prophecy Of World Funeral
2. Strandhogg (Canonized Concept)
3. Deathworshippers (Ritualistic Plague)
4. Devotion To Blood And Lust
5. Coronation Of The New God
6. Pure Annihilation
7. Profanated Blasphemy
8. Mortuss Evangelium
Pagan Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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