Strange Facts In The Scalpel Case - Unearthed

With one hell of a weird band name, this is a debut EP from a Belgium death metal formed in 2005, that features Fynnbrenn Ó Torcklàn (Taranis) on drums and Skullator on vocals, guitar and bass. Essentially a studio project, this cavalcade of noise accumulates the one subject matter that is often present in death metal…this is horror.

The album flows with pretty much the same momentum; there is not much groove, although this does occur randomly on certain tracks. There is no denying that there are few blackened influences in the music and one poignant eerie moment is the sound of a grave being dug up towards the end of ‘Unearthed’. Whilst do find the album pleasurable, I also find it quite non-descript, a little bit the same throughout but I think this is more down to the style of death metal rather than anything else. In close quarters, the sound is rather beefy, on weaker sound systems you lose some of the intensity in the mix, that “unearthed” tone! ‘Summoned (Dead, But Not Yet Beyond Reach)’ has some sharp riffs that remind listeners of some Carcass material between their two major musical periods and I guess you could say that there are some old US death influences in the raw delivery of many of the songs on offer, but I still find it doesn’t really grab my attention too much in terms of memorable longevity. However, this aside and looking at the bigger picture this is unholy, grave robbing nastiness with self-professed dark tales of gore that is designed to terrify you and in many places on this album, it does and by that I mean that can be both positive and negative.

  1. Taphophobia (Dying To Get Out)
  2. Unearthed (Defiling The Dead)
  3. Mortuary Odours (…Of Wood And Cloth)
  4. The Fresher The Better
  5. Summoned (Dead, But Not Beyond Reach)
  6. Lower Depths (Remains Of The Profoundly Regressed)

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 24, 2012

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