Stranguliatorius - Rope, Soap, Tabouret

OG as FUCK! Lithuania's Stranguliatorius is back with another crushing full length entitled "Rope, Soap, Tabouret". If you were familiar with their first full length, "Išlikimo Vadovas", you already know these dudes SHRED! Thrashy, chunky, nasty old school death metal! Perhaps some crust punk influence as well???? What's not to like, right?

Onto "Rope, Soap, Tabouret". A killer follow up and progression to "Išlikimo vadovas". We begin with the opener, 'Nine Nursemaids', that sets the tone for a brutal, crushing, raw, unrelenting ride of charred riffs, thrash/blast/d beats, thumping double bass, nasty low end layered accented by tortured vocals. Every now and then, sprinkles of old school Finland. Yep, we could have a winner on our hands.

Next up is 'Morgue Surgeons'. A moshy slew of death grooves. Damn, is it possible for riffs to enter the bloodstream via ear canals? Regardless of the answer... these riffs somehow do.

Skipping ahead a bit, we have 'Executioner's Lament'. At first listen, this one had the makings of the fave track. But I had to be fair to the album and not give up that spot til I listened in it's entirety, a few times. Beginning with a slow/doom-y riff, I was sucked in, what will this lead to?? Thankfully, a couple more minutes of pulverizing mayhem that brought Asphyx & Bolt Thrower to mind. I'm happy with that, as i think you will be too. This Lithuanian foursome then catapults the listener into a beast like section reminiscent of "Eaten Back To Life" era Cannibal Corpse. The galloping style DM riff that they introduced to the banger world. Stranguliatorius, I hope your cool with these comparisons. Just so ya know, after many listens, 'Executioner's Lament' still holds the fave track spot.

'Dream Of An Anthropologist' follows. It trails in with a very disturbing horror movie like of eerie sounds (still can't figure out what they are) and muffled spoken words (which I haven't figured out yet either). When that becomes the norm, like you almost forgot you were listening to a record, the battering begins again. Slow paced to blasts to mid paced demonic grooves, topped by those fucking incredible vocals, this number became a quick favorite too!

A few tracks later, is 'Unrepeatable Ritual Of Death'. The final track. Parts of his song stuck out to me as having more hints of crust, BUT undoubtedly remaining a death metal song. Crushing the whole way. As someone who appreciates classic crust, I was totally into that. Influenced or not, I was down! Before I even listened to the album, I was interested in this track, as it clocks in at 11:22. It was so lengthy compared to all other tracks. After 4:17, you find out why it's so long and I'll let you be the judge of that. Hopefully this will help entice you into picking up this ripper.

"Rope, Soap, Tabouret" is not flashy. And that's rad. It's no frills, hammering, catchy brutal old school death metal. It should be listened to by any fan of the genre.

Stand out tracks:
Nine Nursemaids
Foretime Saints
Executioner's Lament
Dream Of An Anthropologist


1. Nine Nursemaids
2. Morgue Surgeons
3. Foretime Saints
4. Executioner's Lament
5. Dream Of An Anthropologist
6. Architect Of Anger
7. The Performance Of A Sociopath
8. Happy Mothers Day
9. Unrepeatable Ritual Of Death