Striborg - Black Desolate Winter/Depressive Hibernation

Sin Nanna is about to re-issue a few older LPs on CD that put two albums together. The move is not new for him, but the organization of these is so cool in contrast to his newest release of new material (FORBODING SILENCE) as that album has so many innovative elements compared to his other work and the comparisons between the two albums on each of these newly re-issued CDs that really do sound like two distinct musical experiences, BLACK DESOLATE WINTER and DEPRESSIVE HIBERNATION.

BLACK DESOLATE WINTER revolves around a track that is longer than thirty minutes and opens with an INTRO and closes with an OUTRO. This album is full of the undulating trademark buzzing guitars that Striborm employs, but the structure of the song feels something like Burzum (as the recordings would have been made in the wake of Varg’s out-of-jail time). But the drums are much heavier than anything I think I can recall from Sin Nanna’s efforts. They are almost full-on black metal drums but without the speed of Ildjarn. I have to think about the great one-man depressive black metal projects when thinking about Striborg. Then BLACK DESOLATE WINTER closes out with a melancholy clean synth whine.

DEPRESSIVE HIBERNATION, on the other hand, opens with something more energetic than the INTRO to BLACK DESOLATE WINTER. I think this is strange because DEPRESSIVE HIBERNATION makes one think of slowing down and sleeping the long sleep, but the INTRO, called “Black Animism,” sound like a spaceship taking off. But we can always praise working against point when we see it.Then when the title track kicks in, the buzzing sounds of open pain and guitars drive the song. The sound is devoid of “driving” beats but relies instead on these slightly simple thumping beats that unify the bass and the lower-tone drum heads. Of course, Sin Nanna screams hollowly through out in spurts and yells. DEPRESSIVE HIBERNATION carries on this way all the way until the end where the final track, another fourteen minutes +, “In The Gloom Of The Forboding Night,” brilliantly ends the structure just as the previous structure in BLACK DESOLATE WINTER was so neatly wrapped as a unit of intentional music.

1. Intro
2. Black Desolate Winter
3. Outro
4. Black Animism
5. Entangled In The Black Roots Of The Forest
6. Depressive Hibernation
7. The Evil Lurking In The Woods
8. Hate In The Eye Of The Beholder
9. In The Gloom Of The Forboding Night
Displeased Records
Reviewer: Jesse
Feb 26, 2009

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